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A Walk in the Park....

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: A Walk in the Park....


A Walk in the Park....

My view under a shade tree in Herman Park

Yesterday I walked through a beautiful city park, sat under shade trees, cracked jokes with my 13 year old daughter, rode a kiddy train, battled the metro, saw dinosaur bones, and took lots of pictures. You know why this was a wonderful day? Because it was a gift of time with my child. 

The whole reason we were out and about was because she had a doctor’s appointment, but we took the rest of the day just enjoying each other’s company and the things about each other that give us joy. Connie-Lyn can always make me laugh, and her unique way of looking at things makes me sit back and wonder at God’s grace and plans. Just when I thought, how can I possibly love this kid any more than I do right now, she delights me and I fall a little harder for her. 

Do you know, God feels so much more for his children? His love is constant. It never waivers and it never changes, and just like I wanted to carve out time to spend with my child, God wants to have one on one time with you. 

How, you ask? 

There are two ways we spend time with God: Prayer, and Bible reading. 

Prayer is effective communication with God. Without it there is no relationship. Think about this: if you never talked to your spouse, or your children, what kind of relationship would you have? Relationships are vital, growing beings. They are like sharks: they should always be moving forward. 

Learning and discovering new ways to please one another, to delight each other, to surprise one another: these are some of the ways a relationship shows growth, but without talking to one another, a relationship will begin to shut down and die. 

Why do we think our relationship with God is any different? 

If you just thought, as you read this, “Well, God knows my heart, and He knows everything anyway, why do I need to talk with Him?” then I have something to say to you: This is not about what God can do, it is about what God wants to have. 
Connie-Lyn  13 

He wants to have relationship with you. He wants times like I had with my daughter, where you spend time together just talking about anything and everything, delighting in one another and falling for each other in new and refreshing ways. God wants your prayers because if you will just talk to Him you will begin to see His love for you and understand the enormity of all He has done for you

But prayer isn’t the only way to know God. 

God left a love letter for us to read. It is long, and it has moments that you may not understand in it right away, but it is proof of God’s consistent love throughout time for us. This letter is called The Bible. King James, The Message, The Living Bible, The Amplified, and more are all wonderful translations. The Bible says meditate on God’s words day and night and write them upon your heart. As we read, we get to see God’s character. Yes, He is love, but He is also Holy and Jealous, and Faithful and so much more. 

When we pray and read God’s word, we grow as people yes, but we grow in relationship with God foremost. This has been His desire from the beginning: to walk in the cool of the evening with you, delighting in you, and you delighting in Him. 

Just one of the many apps for Bibles
Recently a friend said to me that reading was difficult for her. My husband has the same issue. That is why he listens to the word via an APP for his smartphone. There are several you can choose from and with mp3 players, smartphones, laptops, and tablets, there are so many ways to carry the word with you no matter where you are. GoBible, (which allows you to listen as well as read) Olive Tree Bible Reader, YouVersion and Bible Gateway are just a few. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So if reading is not your strong suit, then listen, but get the word in you somehow! 

Praying and reading will take you from just knowing about God, to knowing Him intimately. So crawl up in the Father’s lap, rest in Him as you pray and go to His word to get to know Him more. He is waiting on you.

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