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Take Responsibility (for Your Platform!)

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Take Responsibility (for Your Platform!)


Take Responsibility (for Your Platform!)

Today's blog is written by Dana Pittman and gives you a peek into a book that is changing the way I blog forever! Read what she has to say. 

The problem: You have a product (i.e., book, organization, service, etc.) you want to share in this extremely noisy, overcrowded world. The solution (per Michael Hyatt) is (1) a compelling product and (2) a significant platform. 

“This book [Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World]is all about attracting that audience, turning on the brightest lights you can find, and building passionate loyalty so your audience stays with you through every line, every scene, every act” (Michael Hyatt). 

In the book Michael presents the platform building process in five steps:

1. Start with WOW
2. Prepare to Launch
3. Build Your Home Base
4. Expand Your Reach
5. Engage Your Tribe

The book has 60 chapters. Yes, 60. But much like his blog, they read quick with lists and packed with information. 

I also like that the sections can stand alone. I can easily see myself going back and reading the chapters as I work through the steps. 

As the reader, you feel like Michael sits comfy on your couch or at your desk and walks you through the process--step-by-step. He takes a practical approach to a problem that is heavily addressed with theory, numbers, and somewhat illusive for a non-celeb, small business owner, small publishers…(fill in the blank). 

“It [platform building] is about…finding the most powerful way to getting that message to others who can benefit from it” (Michael Hyatt).

The book captures Michael’s strength as a visionary, a leader and he does not take a haphazard approach to attracting and engaging your potential audience. This book will limit your excuses because he literally walks you through the process. Additionally, you get a great view of how individual components work to affect the whole picture. Meaning, for example, how does using Twitter benefit your overall marketing plan. 

His approach is realistic and what I appreciate most is it wasn't all about throwing money at the problem. It is all about focused work toward reaching and winning over the audience you desire.

I highly recommend this book. I believe it will quickly be your go-to book for building, maintaining and/or expanding your audience.

Dana Pittman is a blogger, a mother, a homeschooler, and a Christian. She blogs at 

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