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Meet Michael Hyatt

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Meet Michael Hyatt


Meet Michael Hyatt

I have not shared with you any new Ministry Highlights because in all honesty, I have not come across any recently that just gave me a “wow” experience. 

This is not a ministry per se, but God has used Michael Hyatt to minister to me, and I have definitely been wowed! As a Christian and former CEO of the oldest publisher in the US and the leading Christian publisher (Thomas Nelson) Michael knows his way around writing. 

He has a blog, tweets with regularity and to great advantage, and has a speaking career that has grown so much in recent years that he now speaks and writes full time (exactly what I want to do!). 

Michael lives out his purpose in Christ and the fruit of his life has been like a feast for me. He speaks and writes about leadership, productivity and social media. Michael's latest foray in these areas is the book Platform

I am part of a small group of about 100 reviewers (out of the 400,000 readers of his blog and the nearly 800 that applied) that have been given an early copy of Platform

I am learning so much about strengthening this site and my voice so that I can deliver my message to you with clarity, with focus, and with power. 

In the upcoming week I will finish reading this book and will review it here on A Year in the Spiritual Life. My hope, as is Michael’s, is that you would buy the book (which will be priced perfectly for launch week between May 21 through May 25) so that it can climb to the top of the New York Best Seller’s list. 

I am adding a link to Michael’s blog on the “Worth a Look” section to the right. I hope you check it out, and become a fan as I am. 

Are you a fan of an author or speaker? Share with us who you like so we can check them out too!

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