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Be the Butterfly

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Be the Butterfly


Be the Butterfly

We MUST live our lives with intention. 

If we, as Christians do not, the world will not be able to tell us from everyone else. We are called to be separate. How do we live separate, how do we live a life of distinction? Answer: Choice.

Changes don’t come overnight, but by every choice we make. 

When we first become followers of Christ the change happens inside. 

We change from the inside out. 

Be the butterfly

Metamorphosis happens on a cellular level. Before metamorphosis cells that don’t have a specialized job, become active during metamorphosis and begin developing new limbs, new designs, and new patterns. 

This is true in tadpoles and caterpillars, and spiritually, it is true in you. 

Change happens from the inside out. Change is slow, and sometimes the “creature” you see mid-change isn’t that beautiful butterfly, but the wiggling chrysalis that kind of makes you uncomfortable when you look at it. 

 PUSH through…

Change takes time. Growth takes time. Don't wait for some huge miraculous change. Every day we must crucify ourselves, and follow Christ. (Matthew 16:24) Kill your flesh daily. Kill your expectations, kill your desires, and kill “YOU” as the focus of the day to day. Focus on what the Father wants. (Seek ye first the kingdom of God AND HIS righteousness and all these things [the ones you put off, killed, sacrificed, gave up] will be added to you. Matthew 6:33).

Sometimes living with intention is difficult. I would argue that it is the hardest choice but the easier path. (Narrow path leads to heaven… Matthew 7:13)

Little by little you will find there are times when that thing that you have been crucifying, that thing you have been changing in your life choice by choice, is not a struggle anymore and you don't even have to think about it anymore. This is not always easy.

My Personal Story

I have been a Christian most of my life, but lived without intention for most of that time. Without intention I see-sawed up and down in my life spiritually, emotionally and physically. I battled un-forgiveness and bitterness. 

These are crippling spiritual cancers that unchecked will allow offense to come in and rob you. I have been there; up close and personal, believe me! Emotionally I was a boiling pressure cooker with no release valve: blowing up at the smallest provocation. 

Physically I was a smoker, who when small or large frustrations came, I went to light up instead of taking that frustration to Jesus. Each of these things I still have an occasional mental moment with. 

When I get upset, for a second I think, I would love a cigarette now. But taking that thought captive I choose to make a change. (2 Corinthians 10:5) I intentionally change my mind which changes the physical, and since praying is one of the ways I take that thought captive I change the attitude of my heart.

I don't always get it right! 

Recently I had a run in with a medical professional that really upset me. (This was concerning my youngest daughter's health) I acted very un-Christ-like in my anger. I stormed out of the doctor’s office and slammed doors, with my daughter in tow of course, so great example mom! (NOT!) 

We are supposed to be angry and not sin.(Ephesians 4:26) (Ever just wanna tell God "not fair, that one is too hard!?") Obviously I have not perfected these things yet but these are the moments we must choose to live with intention. We must choose to crucify ourselves, our "right" to be angry, our self-righteousness, and follow Christ. 

Easier said than done? 

I hear ya, but I choose to trust God. He says the rewards will be great: Children rising up to call me blessed, my joy will be full, I will become a light on a hill, all those things in my heart of hearts (that secret place God sees and knows: my spirit-man) I desire, because they are Gods will for me. 

These things are His will for you too, because these things mean we look more like Him, and that means we look less like the world. God has called us out, separated us, we are his sheep and we hear his voice. (Psalms 95:7, John 10:3, 16, and 17) Choose to listen for His voice every day and then live like you hear Him.

Choose you this day who you will serve. (Joshua 24:15)

Be blessed and be a blessing. Remember, choose is a verb: choice is a noun.

Join the Conversation: 

What is one thing you would like to change about you? 

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