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Tell Me Your Story

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Tell Me Your Story


Tell Me Your Story

"I came for your story, I came for your wounds, to show you what love sees when I see you." 

These are the words that so moved me from this song. As a writer, I love that Jesus came for my story. I love that He sees me, all my brokenness and lack and He loves me anyway. Not only does He love me, but He wants to make me whole and fill the emptiness in my life. 

God loves you just as you are too. Maybe you thought Jesus was just another fairy tale or fictional character like Santa or the Easter Bunny, but He is real! 

The Son of God, made flesh, came to be the atonement of our sins. He laid His life down, so that we could have life. If you don't know Jesus, and you stumbled upon this page, won't you ask Him to make Himself real to you right now and to come into your life today! 

Each person's story may be different, but each story needs Jesus! 

Don't know how to pray? Just talk to God. Like you would a friend or a parent. Something like this would be fine: 

"Lord, I know I am a sinner, a real mess, and I cannot continue to live my life on my own. I need You in my life. Please, Jesus, come into my heart. Take my broken pieces and make them into what you meant me to be. Fill me, and help me live my new story with YOU. Amen."

If you prayed this you are now a Christian. Welcome to the family! Two things you should know. First, your new life has begun. Like a baby needs milk to live, you need the Bible, the Word of God to grow. So read. It can be with or without a Bible Study, like this one, but not necessarily. 

Secondly, you need to pray. Just talk to God. Communication is important in any relationship. If you want to read more about prayer, click here. These two things will change your life tremendously  and I would love to hear about it. Tell me your story.  Leave a comment below. Already a Christian? Then share with us a part of your story and let's get to know each other, as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Be blessed and be a blessing and remember God showed us His love through the gift of His Son Jesus! God's love in verb form. 

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