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Facing Your Giants: 6 Steps to Becoming Your Best You

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Facing Your Giants: 6 Steps to Becoming Your Best You


Facing Your Giants: 6 Steps to Becoming Your Best You

Wow, I love this movie! If you haven't seen it, I suggest you watch the whole thing. Facing the Giants (Sherwood Pictures, Destination Films) was made on $100,000 budget and is not going to win academy awards, but what it lacks in budget and acting, it makes up in heart and message. 

This scene is my favorite. 

Here are the things I want you to take away from this scene today. 

1. You cannot look at the circumstances. Put your head down and just go forward. 
This coach blindfolded Brock for a reason. When we can see what is around us, we focus too much on the limits we give ourselves, the limits others give us, and the reactions of those around us.

2. You have more to give than you think! 
When everything is burning, every muscle, every heartbeat aches, we often stop and say enough, but you can do it. There is more in you than even you know. 

3. Do not give up! Your best is yet to come. 
When we persevere through the challenges, the rewards are more than making it to the end zone. The rewards begin when we understand what we "know" can change. Brock said "if I know we can" at the beginning of this clip. What he needed to know is that he could. He had it in him to go farther, to be more, to push himself and to succeed. The end zone was just the beginning! 

4. We all need a "coach". 
A support system is invaluable. When we feel like giving up, having someone to remind us of the goal can move us forward. "10 more feet, 5 more, you are almost there!" Jesus sees you as you are, yes, but He sees you as God meant you to be. He wants only the best for you and He is leading you, coaching. You can do this, keep going, just a little farther! 

5. People are watching. 
There are those who are waiting for you to fail. Those people you just have to put out of your mind. You need to think about the people who are on the sidelines. The ones who want to go where you are, but are afraid, or doubting. They are watching you. When they see you inch your way to success through amazing circumstances they will become inspired. By doing you are LEADING! 

6. Alright, who's next? 
Share what you learn, coach someone else. Lead by example. God has gifted you, do not waste that gift. Are you a singer, a writer, an artist? Create. Are you an engineer, an administrator, an accountant, then lead in your field. Do not discount what you are passionate about. God has given you these talents and abilities for a reason!

It won't be easy. Brock's muscles burned, his back ached, his heart doubted. BUT HE KEPT GOING! 

What is holding you back? What giant do you face? What is waiting in the end zone for you? Where would you go if you knew that you could? 

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