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Freedom, Fireworks and Jesus

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Freedom, Fireworks and Jesus


Freedom, Fireworks and Jesus

I Surprised Myself

I am always trying to learn new things. On the fourth we celebrated America's Independence Day. 

I did not plan attending this fireworks display. I was actually dragging the family to a local grocery store to coupon...think Extreme Couponing but with less savings and less crazy- hey, I am a beginner! 

Anyway, the kids wanted to hang around for the fireworks and so, bug spray and soda in hand we found a great vantage point and waited for the show. 

One thing about fireworks, love them or hate them, they are pretty much the same every time. (Unless you live in San Diego and got the 20 second version this year!) 

So I wanted to put the last few minutes to music. Which I have NEVER done before. The thought of video makes me so nervous it is kind of gross. (Sweaty hands were involved--)

Anyway, this was the result. 

The Message Behind the Video

Real freedom shouldn't be celebrated one day a year, but everyday if you are in Christ! 

The freedom the Father provided is real and tangible. In Christ there is no fear. I am no longer afraid of what the world thinks. In Jesus I live, I breathe, I have my very being!

I will live an extraordinary existence because God created me to be extraordinary! In fact, He created me to live so opposite of the world and their ordinary ways that I look alien to them! 

In Christ the freedom I have prompts me to share personal stories so people will look at Him and to Him in ways they never have before. 

In Jesus there is freedom from sin, from pain, from heartache, from depression, from doubt, from oppression and from death! 

In Jesus there is power. There is power to become more than what you can be on your own! In Jesus there is more. 

So I made this video to remind you that there is more. More than what you know right now. More than you feel right now. More than you think.

Jesus is the "more" you need. 

Cry out to God and ask Him to make Himself real to you right now. God hears the cries of his creation. He longs to adopt you into the family. Call on Him in the name of Jesus and you will be saved. 

Now... yes, now, you have a reason to celebrate. Fireworks cannot compare to the celebration in heaven over you right now! You are FREE! 

What do you like most about your life in Jesus? 

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