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Sunday Reflection July 22, 2012

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Sunday Reflection July 22, 2012


Sunday Reflection July 22, 2012

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Thank You

First thank you all for reading this. You have made this new chapter of my life so much fun. Writing alone in your room is a challenge. I do this because God asked me to, and I am so glad He allows me to see a little fruit now, in the form of my readers. 

Can it get better than this? 

I have some of the best readers in the world. recently a group of you (you know who you are) responded so above and beyond to The Post that Almost Wasn't. Some of you local readers took up a collection and gave me a gift card toward the purchase of a tablet. I am so excited. Now in less than a month my budget will allow me to complete that gift card amount and buy me a great tablet! I will be able to write anywhere, not just my room. 


This week the blog was viewed for the 15.000 time. I was so excited. In addition to that,  via their twitter handle @thehighcalling tweeted about my blog not once but twice. That is almost as cool as Justin Beiber tweeting out a 13 year old fan's name, and you happen to be the 13 year old fan. Huge Deal!

Every Perfect Gift

My Father has proved to me over and over this week that His love and grace fully encompass my life and every part is His to bless and grow. This is my testimony: my God is good! 

I hope this week you can spend some time reflecting on His goodness toward you. 

Question: What is one thing that made you stop and say, "thanks Lord" this week? 

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