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God is Bigger Than Your "BUT"

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: God is Bigger Than Your "BUT"


God is Bigger Than Your "BUT"

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Look at the size of her but! 

What have you wanted? What have you focused on? What has stood in your way?

Your But? How big is your But? Because my God is bigger.

If you just thought "But you don't know my circumstances" STOP! There  you go, showing your but again!

Of course I may not know, but God does. 

It is all a matter of perspective. 

When the children of Israel were on the edge of the Promise land, Moses sent 12 spies into the land to figure out what lie ahead. Ten came back with news of giants and other obstacles and only 2 came back with the amazing news of milk and honey! 

Are you a glass half empty or half full person? 
Perspective matters, just ask the rock climber. Climbing the sheer face of the side of a cliff or mountain may seem madness for some, but pure joy for others. Regardless of how you feel about it, climbers all have one thing in common: they have all had that moment of "now what". 

Where do I put my hands now? Is there going to be a place to put my feet in three moves if I follow this line? 

Move a little to the left or the right and the face of the mountain changes. There is a perfect path to climb just inches away from where there was no path before. Perspective. 

If you have ever questioned yourself about stepping out and doing what you have always wanted to do, followed by 'what will people say' or 'yeah, but I don't have this or that' then you are letting your but stand in the way of something great. 

I have been there too!

Right now I am beginning possibly the scariest thing I have ever done: I am writing a book. 

Didn't I already write a book? Yes, yes I did: a children's book. Now I am writing a book that has a totally different feel, a new market for me, and a book that makes me think "who am I to write this?" 

I struggle with my "But" just like anyone else. I am preaching to the choir, soloist Dayna Bickham, pay attention please! 

There is one thing I want to say to myself and to you: 

Those God calls He equips, Those He equips He sends, Those He sends He holds. 

Go for it. Trust that God has given you this dream, He has gifted you with the tools you need to pursue your dream. I bet if you look around, there are even people being lined up to help cheer you on as you chase that dream. Step out. To quote Nike, "Just do it!"  To quote myself, "God's got this!" 

Don't let your big but stop you! 

Buts are like snakes in the grass. You are walking along and everything seems fine, and out of no where a "But" lifts it's ugly little head and you are frozen in your tracks, afraid to move. STEP ON THAT BUT! 
Squash it, grind it to little pieces, chop it's head off! Do what you have to do to get over the objection and on to the objective! Keep going! 

I will. 

Question: What "But" will you kill today? 

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