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Change Your Perspective

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Change Your Perspective


Change Your Perspective

This is a guest post written by Dana Pittman. Dana Blogs at  You can follow her on Twitter or Facebook.
I love the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. I am not a photographer, except my love of snapping pictures on my morning runs and my children. I realize this quote assumes a lot. The greatest assumption is that we all will see what the photographer sees. But how many of you know that appearances can be deceiving? 

We are well on our way with our confidence series. It caused me to think about my life and why I struggle with godly confidence. My response is a tossup between my faith and trust in God. I believe it is my immediate circumstances that sometimes cause me to doubt.
Have you ever wondered whether God heard your prayers? Whether He realized you are knee deep in mess screaming to get His attention.
A mess usually of my own doing yet in these moments I find myself trusting in my feelings and not God. The picture for me is bleak. I fail to consider God’s track record. I fail to acknowledge, or even consider, God’s presence in the situation.
I am comforted by knowing these situations do not happen often. But I’m not perfect. I merely serve a perfect God.
You see, every new obstacle, challenge or opportunity ups the ante. You go from pea-size…to bean-size…to golf-ball size faith. However, in the transition between the seasons your picture may look unpromising.
Take courage in knowing…looks can be deceiving.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and
lean not on your own understanding…
- Proverbs 3:5
Trust God
Trusting in God brings about wisdom. Not knowledge. Knowledge we gain from books and life experiences. Wisdom, I believe, goes much deeper. Wisdom can result from our growing and maturing in relation with God. We can tap into an infinite source of wisdom by tapping into the source.
Trusting God will mean disregarding the circumstances. He said it. He’ll do it. Despite the situation.
Trusting God will mean your circumstances may look hopeless but this is based on your own understanding, not His.
Adjust your Lens
Godly confidence requires you to adjust your lens. You must view the picture--your life--from the prospective of Christ. Because of Him we embody the ability to get a greater understanding…Don’t take my word for it.
"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind
has conceived what God has prepared for
those who love him"
- 1 Corinthians 2:9
Beloved you may have more bills than money. Trust God. You may find yourself lonely and awaiting the appearance of your mate. Trust God. You may feel like you are about to lose…yourmind.
Trust Him because He’s trustworthy.
Adjust your lens and in those moments your perspective will change. That picture will go from limiting to a million possibilities. For it is in that moment you are allowing God to be your confidence.
…the greatest photographer of all time.

Question: How can you change your perspective in a current situation and place your confidence in God?

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This tandem series on CONFIDENCE is a joint effort between Dana Pittman and Dayna Bickham. Both Dana and Dayna blog about life, grace, and God’s love and plan for you. To follow this series, visit here to learn more.

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