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Discovering the Yes of Your Purpose

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Discovering the Yes of Your Purpose


Discovering the Yes of Your Purpose

Blogging Through the Book

If you have not joined us before now, every Wednesday I, along with other wonderful bloggers, blog through the reading of a book. We are blogging through the book The Gospel of Yes by Mike Glenn. If you would like to join us, purchase the book here (affiliate link) and read along! Then share your thoughts on each chapter. 

Not reading the book? That is okay too. We each take our own point of view and share what we loved about the book chapter by chapter and then share it with you. This way, you can join the conversation and learn more about God's yes for you! 

Chapters 8 and 9

The Gospel of Yes is kicking my rear. 

I mean it. 

Statements like "You can hold onto your anger, or you can hold onto Jesus, but you can't do both." (page 112) make me examine where I am in my walk with God. Am I trying to hold onto my anger and hurt more than I am holding onto Jesus? If the answer is yes, then I have some repenting and some real praying to do. 

Forgiveness is one of the central themes of the Gospel. We, in our sin, needed forgiveness, yes, but forgiving others is also necessary. Forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, this is what it means to be like Jesus. He forgave the men who were in the middle of killing him. He forgives us too. What a great example of the grace God wants us to walk in. 

I know what it is to be wronged. I know what rejection feels like. 

I bet you do too. 

You have a choice, live in the pain and swim in Lake Shoudawouldacoulda, or forgive and walk in the beautiful trails of Freedom Park! 

I know what I choose: I choose the freedom of forgiveness.  

"...Your future need not be held hostage to your past. There is another choice, God's choice, which is forgiveness." Mike Glenn The Gospel of Yes

So what does that future look like? God knows. The good news is that God sees you as He made you to be and not just as you are. The really good news is He will take you anyway, JUST as you are. 

Discovering The YES of your Purpose

Everyone searches for the meaning of it all. At one point or another, we all look for our "yes". Some of us find it right away, and others let the bustle of a busy world throw us off the trail of self-discovery and into the bog of existing. 

Mike says this: 

"The faith pilgrimage begins with God's declaration of who you really are and why He made you. The rest of your life is a journey that is given meaning and direction by God's determination of your identity and destiny." (page 115, The Gospel of Yes

You have a destiny in Christ. You have a purpose. There is more to you than the day-to-day existence that you silently rail against in your heart. It is not found by burning a bra, or occupying a movement, but by bumping into the person and experience of God. 

Trying to strike out on our own is futile. The universe is first too big and secondly too broken to find purpose in without first knowing the Maker of the Universe. 

God says "I knew you before you were in your mother's womb". We are no mystery to God. He made us and He sees everything. Our hearts, our hurts and our outcomes. What He wants from us is to see Him. His heart, His healing, and His desire for us. 

This is how we discover the yes of our purpose: We encounter Him. We get to know Him. 

"He goes ahead and calls you to join him in his divine work and as you encounter him, God reveals your identity." (page 116) 

Your calling is uniquely yours. No one else's. He formed you with the intent in mind. "I knew you before...."

God chose Abram (a man without children) to become the father of nations. God chose Saul (a killer of Christians) to become Paul, who evangelized the known world, wrote most of the New Testament, and stood before kings and slaves alike proclaiming the love and freedom of Christ.

God chose you too. Before you were born. God chooses you now, after you have made mistakes and life has happened. He chooses you where you are so you can become who He called you to be.

Like Abraham, like Paul.

This is God's yes to you: There is a purpose, now let's marvel as we go on the journey to discover it!

Join the Conversation: 

Have you ever felt disqualified to do something because of your past? Leave your comment below!

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