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Confessions of a Crazy Mom!

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Confessions of a Crazy Mom!


Confessions of a Crazy Mom!

 Tore up from the floor up! This was the "good" picture. 

The Dog Days of Summer Are Over

Yesterday I was lauding the last day of summer and excited that my youngest was headed back to school.

This morning, as I drove my baby (she is 14) to her first day of high school I bawled like a baby. I do this every year, and I had hoped that this year would be different, but alas, no. 

Water works ensued!

This is not a good look on me. I ugly cry. My face scrunches up, my lips pucker out and my nose turns red. I have no make-up on and other than brushing my teeth and washing my face I basically rolled out of bed this morning. (NOT a good look!) 

Add undone hair and I look like a blubbering drunk realizing she is about to be arrested. 

I have friends that think I am crazy! I probably am. They pump their fists in jubilation as their kiddos step onto the bus and out of their hair until Christmas break. In my head, I think that is how I will feel every time. Then, I don't. I do this. It is not a pretty sight! 

But I do not want to talk about the "look" as much as this: time. 

Time is short. 

They are so young, these kids of ours. We know that soon they will face a world that is not as supportive as Mom and Dad have been. They will face hardships, and heart aches. They will build new friendships and let go of others. They will learn new things and be challenged beyond what we think they should. This is all before 3:30 p.m. every day. 

No matter what age your child is, NOW is the time to parent them. 

I know you are a parent, but parenting is another bag all together. It takes focus and determination and faith and prayer and well, the list could go on and on. 

In the short time between now, and that day when they strike out on their own, love them by leading them. Love them by teaching them. Love them even when they push against you or scream "Leave me alone!" 

This time is like having a garden. In this season we plant, we pluck up weeds, we graft, we prune, we train, and we watch them bloom. The harvest of all you sow into them will come later. 

This makes me think of a show I recently watched on TV about a family of homesteaders in Alaska. There, due to the weather, they have an extremely short growing season. They have to grow what they can when they can. It is the same as parents.  

These last 14 years have flown by for me. If you are a parent I know you get how fast time can move as you watch your child grow. Parent or not, the lesson is this: there is the law of sowing and reaping at work in you right now. There is a short growing season. Choose wisely what you plant and you will reap the benefits in due season! 

I want to pray for you and your kids. 

Father, help us as parents to redeem the time as best we can. Give us wisdom in what to sow into our children. Help us see the overall picture of who you want them to be so we can prune and train them into what you desire. Thank you for trusting us with such a magnificent gift. Lord, bless and keep the hearts and minds of our little ones. Let them always look to and trust in you. In the name of Jesus, Amen. 

Join the conversation: 

Crazy picture aside, (and I am sorry for that by the way!) are you a cryer or a fist pumper when it comes to sending the kiddos off to school every year? 

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