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Accolades for A Year in the Spiritual Life

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Accolades for A Year in the Spiritual Life


Accolades for A Year in the Spiritual Life

I have struggled. 

Recently I have really felt discouraged about my writing, about this blog, and about the direction I was taking with it all. 

Last night, on my 18th wedding anniversary, my husband and I spent time after dinner talking about it all as we sat in the car at the beach. Then we prayed. 

I woke up this morning to find A Year in the Spiritual Life had been nominated for an Inspiring Bloggers Award. 

God is good. I love when He gives me kisses like this.  

What is it all about? 

It means that Lisa @ Life with Chocolate and Coffee likes what she saw here and nominated me for this honor. It means that I now have to share seven little known facts about myself and in turn nominate up to 15 more bloggers with the same award. My top 13 are below! 

I know that there are moments that stand out in our lives that we remember for their importance emotionally or spiritually. I hope this is one I remember for a long time, because it means so much. So thanks Lisa! 

I have always wanted to be "award-winning"! 

Seven Little Known Things About Me

  1. Since I am an open book this is a little harder than I thought. 
  2. I am trying to grow out my nails after 30 years of biting them. 
  3. I am afraid of spiders. 
  4. I miscarried my third child when I was 26. 
  5. I do not make friends easily. 
  6. Because people think I am annoying.
  7. I can laugh at that. 

Blogs I am Nominating

Now It is up to you! 

This was such an uplifting moment for me. We all need encouragement. Today, take the time to ask God who He wants you to encourage. Now go do it! It is up to you to love others as Christ has loved you! 

Join the Discussion 

Have you got a blog you want to nominate? Then leave a comment below with a link to the site so we can learn more! 

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