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The Zone: Blogging Through the Book "The Gospel of Yes" Chapter 1

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: The Zone: Blogging Through the Book "The Gospel of Yes" Chapter 1


The Zone: Blogging Through the Book "The Gospel of Yes" Chapter 1

The Big Question

We have all wondered “Why am I here?”

“What is my Purpose?”

I write about finding your purpose in Christ almost every day. But the struggle becomes getting past our “no”.

When we have a dream we think more of the obstacles to the dream than the yeses that get us to the end goal. When we see someone else succeed we find it easier to criticize them then to support them.

Our No is loud. Our no rules us.

What if you could change that?

What would your “yes” look like?

The Book

Mike Glenn asks the same thing in the first Chapter of The Gospel of Yes.

You are created in the very image of God and you have been created for a purpose. Now, as you hone into that purpose there is clarity. It is easier to filter through the stuff that comes up in life because you can more readily see if it fits in with your calling or not.

God has a purpose: He is working to reclaim His creation.

“The Lord isn’t slow to keep his promise, as some think of slowness, but he is patient toward you, not wanting anyone to perish but all to change their hearts and lives.” 2 Peter 3:9 (CEB)

He wants His kids to have the same mission as Him: save the lost. When we realize that is the mission, finding our role to play becomes all the more important. In general we know that if something in our life does not line up with this mission we can easily filter that out. Likewise when something in our life helps us accomplish the goals of this mission we can say a resounding YES with confidence.

“The Zone”

“A state of concentration, an alignment of emotional, mental, and physical abilities where the game seems to slow down and the play becomes almost effortless.”

Mike Glenn goes on to say “God wants us to live in that zone, experiencing a lifetime of moments where identity, destiny, and opportunity come together in a resounding “yes” of meaning and joy”

I want this. This “Yes” experience.

God said yes to me when He gave His son. He said yes to me when He called me to live a life of purpose too.

Do not be ruled by “no”, but embrace God’s “yes” for you.

What is your “yes”?


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