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Can God Use You?

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Can God Use You?


Can God Use You?

We are Blogging Through the Book together using Mike Glenn's The Gospel of Yes. If you want to go through this book with us, it is not too late. Click here to purchase a copy. (affiliate link) 

Chapters 4 and 5

These are my favorite chapters so far. Mike Glenn gets to the heart of how and why God says yes, and I loved every page.  

I have heard it said that the Bible is nothing more than a collection of stories about God talking with and moving on the hearts and lives of regular everyday men. Rarely do we get God speaking directly to a king. God chose shepherds like David, scribes like Daniel, young women like Ruth, and old women like Naomi. In the New Testament we see Jesus pick fishermen, a doctor, an accountant. His profession was a carpenter. God chose normal, everyday people like you and I. He still does today. God chooses you to say "Yes" to.

Mike reminds us of the same thing in this book. He also reminds us that normal people have problems. 

We All Have A History

We all have a past. Something we rather no one know, much less talk about. 

I was an adulterer. After the sin was done and I had repented to God, I hid for years behind little and big lies so no one would know. My husband was unaware of the truth. He suspected something may have happened during a dark period of our marriage, but never asked me about it. 

God would not let my sin stand. He prompted me to tell my husband everything, not because God wanted to punish me, but because He wanted me to be free of the weight and the burden of that sin once and for all. 

He wanted to heal my marriage. 

Now this is my testimony: God is good, His promises are yes and amen, and there is nothing that He cannot do because I have seen Him heal my marriage after infidelity. He made that one of the planks in my platform when I preach and teach the Gospel.

It is my story, but it is also HiStory! 

Mike Glenn says this: 

"God will take the "nos" in your life and find a way to make them all "yeses"... He can take the worst day of your life and make it the first line of your testimony of redemption." 

The Surprise of "Yes"

There is a moment when we are surprised by what God can do. I have had this moment over and over. These "awe"some moments leave us a little breathless at God's goodness and His faithfulness. When we truly grasp that God is for us, then we begin to understand what His "yeses" are all about: love and relationship. 

God loves you and wants a relationship with you. 

Even if you have failed. Even if you feel broken and unworthy, God wants you. He loves you. He has a plan for you. 

This is the surprise of "Yes". There is nothing God can not do when we let Him say yes to us. 

"Despite all the human failures, despite the open rebellion of humanity against its Creator, God patiently and persistently weaves His will into the lives of men and women who are open to His presence." Mike Glenn, The Gospel of Yes

There is no "Big Stick" 

God is not waiting to punish you for your wrongs. He doesn't want anyone to languish in eternal damnation. He gave us the big "Yes" in Jesus. Jesus is the way God bridged the gulf between mankind and himself. Through Jesus is the redemptive embrace we have longed for. In that embrace is where our healing begins and our lives become changed. 

There are times when God could have said "NO!" to me. I am almost certain there are times when He could have said "NO!" to you. Yet, if you look, there was more grace and mercy in your worst moment than you deserved. That was God working on your behalf. 

The only piece of wood that matters to God is not a stick. It is a cross. That is His "Yes" instead of a no. 

Search Your Heart

 Search yourself and ask yourself this: "Have I said yes to God?" He said yes to you. Again and again. Surrender your life to Him. Begin saying yes to Him and the Yes of His grace will propel you to new heights in Jesus!  God can use you. He wants to use you. He has already said yes to you, all He is waiting for is for you to say yes to Him!

Join the discussion: Do you have a testimony of God's yes working in your life when He could have said no?

Leave your comments below. 

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