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I Am Not Getting Paid to Say This: An Interview with Jeff Goins

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: I Am Not Getting Paid to Say This: An Interview with Jeff Goins


I Am Not Getting Paid to Say This: An Interview with Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins

The Initial Attraction

There have been many people in this world who have influenced me. Some, like teachers, family members, and friends I have met. Some, like Jeff Goins, I have not had the privilege of meeting. Yet somehow, he has impacted me on many levels: some personal and some professional. 

(He even gets a "thank you" in my upcoming book The Purpose of Chosen: Discovering You Are Meant for More and a quote in the book as well. -More on that later!) 

It may be his lopsided grin, his honest blue eyes, and  ginger hair that grabbed my attention (having tons of gingers in my family I have a fondness for them) but it was his honest and bold writing style that kept my attention. 

Jeff's had an amazing rise in the blogger world and as a writer his work is gaining notice in more ways than one. Jeff's first books were self-published works about writing and following your dreams. Since then he has put a ton of work in, and seemed to instinctively know how to build a platform of readers, engage an audience, and build a following. 

So publishers came knocking. (This is unheard of!) 

These are skills people pay to learn, and Jeff seemed to become adept simply by trying. This, along with his unique and genuine personal world view has launched him into the bloggosphere as a bit of a guru, and I am not too proud to say I usually pour over anything the man writes with ferocious zeal. 

Yep. I Am a Fan

When I learned Jeff wrote a new book called Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable Life, I was intrigued. This is a bit of a departure from his previous books, but not a departure from who Jeff is. 

By night, Jeff is a Superwriter (of graphic-novel-proportions: able to leap over large word counts in a single bound), and a diaper changing, bottle warming, Instagram snapping, new dad to boot. 

By day he is Communications Director at Adventures in Missions in Nashville, Tennessee. His heart for making a difference is certainly something that shaped the penning of his most recent book and one I want to share with you today. 

I am not getting paid to say these great things, though, I should think about sending Jeff my resume when and if he ever needs a publicist. I did not even receive a free copy of his book. I had to by it the old fashioned way: Amazon. (that is an affiliate link) But it was worth it in the end.  As a matter of fact, when Jeff asked for applications for his launch team, I applied and then did not make it. So when I asked for an interview I was pleasantly surprised to say the least when he said yes. 

Now, months later, I get to share with you what I learned by interviewing Jeff, and introduce to you a book that will turn your world upside down and inside out if you let it. 

The Interview

Dayna:  Jeff, your life has gone through some amazing changes in the last few years. A successful blog, a couple of great eBooks, a new son, and now your other "baby": Wrecked. How are you handling the ride? 

Jeff:  Well, Dayna, as you well know (since I promised a reply to you months ago) that it's a bit overwhelming. It's frankly hard to keep up with everything. Much to my own regret, I've had to make some sacrifices just to stay healthy.

My two main priorities are my family and what I consider my "art" — writing content that I can be proud of. Somewhere in there, I also try to put food on the table, pay the bills, and interact with my "tribe" of readers, but if I do all that at the expense of the first two priorities, I've failed. And it won't be long before everything else fails, too.
For me, it's important to have that solid foundation.

Dayna:  If someone asked me this question I would hate them, but I have to ask anyway: What makes Wrecked so special? Why is it different? 

Jeff:  I wrote Wrecked, because I couldn't find a book like it out there already. I have lots of friends and colleagues who have had paradigm-shifting experiences that have left them confused or paralyzed.
I wanted to write a book about what to do after you feel like your world has been turned upside-down — why that's a good thing and where to go from there.
I think there are a good number of books about changing the world and living for others, but most seem to err on the side of commitment or adventure. 
That is, you either feel like you're not doing enough or that you're doing too much and need to focus on just one thing.Wrecked is not answering that struggle but learning to live in the tension. It's where we all need to live more of our lives.

Dayna:  In that moment when we are "wrecked" lying on our backs waiting for the worst like the tortoise on the front of your book, what is the most important thing to remember in that moment? 

Jeff: This isn't about you. It's not about you lying on your back. It's about the sky that you can now see. So look up.

Dayna: I love that. "So look up."  How have you been able to filter the events in your life and use them to propel you forward? 

Jeff: A wise man once told me that God can only bless or redeem. In other words, there are two filters for the things that happen in our lives:
1. "This was supposed to happen. Be grateful for it."
2. "This wasn't supposed to happen, but good will come of it."
Saying "everything happens for a reason" is a bit Pollyanna for me. The truth is sometimes bad, terrible things happen. But our response to them is what shapes our character.

Dayna: I write about purpose with a particular singularity. It is my thing. How important do you think finding your purpose in life is? 

Jeff: Essential. And plenty of people don't.
This is something you will have to fight for, and without it, life will seem meaningless and empty. Because without a clear understanding of your calling, it is meaningless and empty.
If a person doesn't find her purpose, she will fill that longing we all have with anything — even harmful substances — that offers some temporary satisfaction or gratification.

Dayna:  How can people buy your book? 

Jeff: However they want. They can find out more, including a list of places where it's for sale here

Dayna:  I have heard you are offering an incentive to purchase your book. What is that about? 

Jeff: That's actually no longer available but people can pick up a free study guide at

Dayna: If you had to sum up in one sentence your purpose in this life, what would it be? 

Jeff: Make a difference by making a ruckus.

Dayna: What is one moment that stands out that has helped shape your purpose in life? 

Jeff: The one time my dad told me he wasn't proud of me (and he had every right to not be). It made me realize how much honor and integrity really matter to me. I never forgot that moment and have tried to make him proud ever since.

Dayna: What role does faith play in those "wrecked" moments of life for you? 

Jeff: Faith is essential. It's the hope of things to come — not in a "I hope it doesn't rain today" wishy-washy way, but in a steady "this too shall pass" way. My faith is the lens through which I view all things, and without it, I'm lost.

Join the Conversation: 

Do you have a question for Jeff? Leave a comment below. (Oh, and I bet some well wishes and new-dad advice would be welcome too!) 

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