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Contest Winner and Book Announcement

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Contest Winner and Book Announcement


Contest Winner and Book Announcement

Congratulations! Noel Zepeda was the fabulous illustrator who won the Cover Art Contest for my new upcoming book, The Purpose of Chosen. 

I have to say I LOVE it! 

There were other great entries too. two from my daughter and one from a colleague I met through Michael Hyatt's Platform Launch team. 

I fell in love with what each artist did on one level or another. 

I have gotten permission from each artist to include their submissions as illustrations in the book, so those will be used too! 

There is plenty to do still. I am waiting on the forward. ( A good friend and fellow author/blogger is writing it.) And I am waiting on a really big "get" from another author who I love. I am not going to tell you who in case he does not want to review the book, but I am excited that the "maybe" hanging in the air is even there. I could have heard "no" right away. Now I am only waiting on his "Yes". 

Think you know who it might be? LOL! 

I have to say that this process has taught me so much. Patience is not my strong suit and I started this off by flinging it out into the world with so many errors it was embarrassing. I have to take the time to thank Shannon Mulholland and Heidi Kreider for their edits and reviews and Tammy Helfrich for her recent review as well. 

I have to thank Dana Pittman for pushing me to do more. This isn't  "the" book, but I am on my way. 

Everyone of you who have encouraged me, loved on me, listened to me, let me cry on your shoulder, thank you. 

For you artists who took a chance and helped me with my dream while you are in pursuit of your own dream, thank you! 

Thank you all for going to A Year in the Spiritual Life's Facebook Page and voting! 

Most of all, thank you Father God, who wrote David's life story and encourages me to live mine. I cannot wait to see what You have in store next! 

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