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Calling All Artists! Contest Announcement.

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Calling All Artists! Contest Announcement.


Calling All Artists! Contest Announcement.

You Could Be Published!  

Right now I am so close to publishing my first book, but I need one key element: Cover Art. This is where you come in. Your art could be chosen to be on the cover of a book: my book, The Purpose of Chosen. If this sounds familiar, it should. This was a series I did this year here on the blog. 

I have taken it and made it into a short and encouraging book that will go on sale at soon. 

The picture below is what I found as inspiration for the graphic I made for the series. It is from the Manga Bible and it is copyrighted. Take a look at what I was going for and perhaps you will get inspired too! 

This book is based on the story of David and Goliath and focuses on who we are, that we are meant for more in life than the status quo, and how to overcome the giants in our lives. 

Here is what people are saying: 

"The Purpose of Chosen calls to the depths of your heart to step out of fear and into faith. Dayna takes you on a journey to live a life of passion and purpose rooted in God's power developed through life's ordinary moments. You'll walk away empowered by grace and energized to capture God's best for your life". – Shannon Milholland, blogger and author

"In The Purpose of The Chosen, Dayna Bickham quiets the lies I've believed most of my life... those lies that say I'm not enough. Sharing the story of a young shepherd boy named David chosen by God to slay a giant named Goliath, Dayna reminds me that I, too, have been chosen by God for His good work. The lies of "not enough" are quieted in the truth of God's love." – Heidi Kreider, author The Secret of Counting Gifts

Here are all the details of the contest: 

  • Deadline: 11:59 PM on October 9th. (yes that is quick, but if you are a serious artist, I know you can do it!) 
  • Submissions should be in jpg format and submitted to 
  • If multiple entries are received, then the choice is up to you, my readers. 
  • Entries will be placed on A Year in the Spiritual Life Facebook Page 
  • Official Voting will begin October 10, 2012 and run through October 14, 2012. 

In order to vote, you must first "like" the page, but other than that you will have to drive voters (also known as supporters like friends and family) to the site to vote.

The winner will have his/her artwork featured on the eBook cover of my book, and replicated on books that are purchased on demand at No financial compensation will be awarded.

There is no second prize, but I will feature all art here on the blog after the contest is concluded.

The Legal Stuff

By entering this contest you are granting permission to display and use your art for the purposes of this contest and a book cover. You will retain rights to your art, will be credited as the artist for your contribution and will be able to reuse and resale your art as you see fit. The winner of this contest grants permission for Dayna Bickham,, and CreateSpace (publisher) to reproduce, edit, change and replicate this art as they see fit for the purpose of the sale, printing, and promotion of this book, The Purpose of Chosen.

 Time is ticking....get to work!

Join the Conversation: 

Do you know someone who is a great artist? Then copy the link to this post and share it with them via email, Facebook, or Twitter. The more the merrier! 

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