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Who Will You Impact?

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Who Will You Impact?


Who Will You Impact?

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Discipleship? What is it? 

Tutoring, mentoring in your field, pushing, being a sounding board, reflecting Jesus. Pointing back to Him and His ways... teaching, supporting, raising up, training, cheering....

These are some of the things it means to disciple. It does not have to look like full time "ministry", it does not have to look like daily or weekly devotionals, or bible studies with friends. 

It can be quiet moments of prayer together. It can be as simple as listening to someone's story, or meeting a simple need. When we live by example we are teaching and discipling those around us. 

All that we read about Jesus in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) is about the things He did that were "big". He bucked the old religious folk. He healed the blind, the leper, the crippled, and the lame. He ministered to prostitutes and tax collectors. He raised the dead back to life. These were the big moments. 

But there are some moments we will never know about. Moments when Jesus and the twelve were walking miles from town to town. The time when they talked freely about the word, the world, family, friends, relationships, and faith. These moments were when real discipleship happened. 

"Now Jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book. " John 20:30

There are moments like this in my life I can always point back to. Moments when other people spoke into my life, or taught me something that has stayed with me through the years. 

When Mr.Chaney, my 9th grade English Lit substitute  said "I think you have talent, and can learn to write." 

When Ms. Coleman, invested her days off to pick me up just to get me out of the house and show what it meant to care. 

People stopping to say "you can" even when everyone else, including myself, said there was no way. 

The Impact of Discipleship 

Giving time, teaching, encouraging, loving people and serving them changes the world two people at a time. It changes them, and it changes you. 

God's heart has always been us. When we love God, a natural progression of His presence in our lives is that we begin to love people. That is why discipleship is so important. It shows that love in a tangible way. It  makes the love of God easier to understand. 

This is why blogs like Michael Hyatt's and Jeff Goins' are so popular: because they disciple. Both men are natural leaders and have taken the time to remember it is not about what they can get from people via the world wide web, but about what they can give that matters. 

We all have a purpose. We all have a calling. Whether that purpose is to sing to millions or build the best buildings in the world, use your talent to disciple someone. You will be better for it. 


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