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Moved by God

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Moved by God


Moved by God

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An Epiphany 

Writing for me is more than a job, or a hobby. It is an expression of who I am, and my heart. I often wonder, and sometimes lament here, if there is any point to what I do.

Then last night I got to chat with a friend, She has been through some extraordinary stuff. Born and raised a Texas girl, God uprooted her and her family last year and sent them to the hills of Virginia. There was no beach in sight, the closest stores were thirty minutes away, and the culture was completely different. Her journey was filled with plenty of "Huh?" moments, but as she began to trust God and really give into obedience, God began to move in some really amazing ways.

Now, after about a year there, and really settling in, God is moving them back to Texas. Her friends here in Texas could not be more excited, but there is sadness in Virginia. Her friends there will miss her and her family. Together with her husband she ministered to the youth and they will be missed most decidedly there.

When I heard about this last night the first thing I thought of was Paul. The Apostle Paul went to other  churches, and stayed for a year or two at a time.Then he would leave. That is what happened with my friend.

Now this church in Virginia has experienced real love and relationship. They have experienced an awakening and walls have come down that they did not even know were there because of my friend and her family. Now, as the church moves forward it will be with the understanding that there is more to be had in their lives with Christ, and they are hungry enough to begin to search and grow on their own.

Most of the New Testament is made up of Paul's letters. After I signed off talking to my friend, I began to think about what I do. These are my letters. I am not saying I am equal to Paul, but I am similar. I may not be chained in the natural to a soldier, but my heart is chained to this blog. I feel constrained if I do not write, even when I do not know what to write.

  It is what God has called me to, and I need to stop doubting it

As more and more people read my words around the world, I see this as an opportunity to spread the Gospel, to minister to the broken and to set free the captive hearts. Just as surely as I know that God has a call on your life, I know that He has a call on mine.

So I will write. I will also pray. I will pray for you to gain confidence in God and who He designed you to be. I will pray that you would begin to grow in compassion and love for people because that is the only reason God does anything in our lives: He loves people. I will pray that He will grab you by the belt like Peter and begin to lead you where He wants you to go, and  like my friend, you will obey even in the "Huh?" moments.

May God bless you above all you can ask or think, may He love you in a way that is as unique as you are and may your heart be soft enough to receive it.


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