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Stopping Identity Theft

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Stopping Identity Theft


Stopping Identity Theft

Angela's* Story 

She is single, and a mom of two girls. She has struggled, but always managed to put food on the table, and clothes on her children's backs. But she wants more.

Angela wants to be a nurse. Under-educated and in her 30's, she faces some real challenges before achieving her goal of nursing. She has to pass an ACT and go back to school. These daunting tasks are not insurmountable, but she feels unequal to them.

So she sought help. She got a tutor. A friend who writes every day to help her with the things she struggles with: the English portion of the ACT.

Last night, after an hour and a half session, she sat at my table, defeated before we have really begun. I heard her thoughts almost as loudly as my own, because they were written on her face. She did not believe in herself, and she felt her dream was unreachable.

She heard "NO!"

God wanted her to hear "Yes!" 

I began to remind her that God does not give us a spirit of fear (or defeat) but one of power, love and a sound mind. I felt compelled to tell her about who she was, God's kid, and NO ONE can beat up on God's kid. Not even her. I reminded her that God made her unique and for a purpose. She wanted to be a nurse because her purpose, her "yes" in God was to lay hands on the sick and to see them comforted and recovered! There was more said, but it was for her alone.

Tears streamed down her beautiful face, as she took in the love God was pouring out on her in that moment. She was hearing Him say "Yes".

Too often we let the world, the enemy, well meaning friends, and even family tell us who we are. This is where we miss it. We let someone steal our identity in Christ. 

Only God, through a relationship with Christ, can tell you who you are, what your purpose is, and what your "Yes" in Him means. When we let others tell us differently, we let the enemy steal who we are: our very identities. The thief has to be stopped!

Today we cover the last two chapters of The Gospel of Yes by Pastor Mike Glenn. This book has been an amazing tool for me, and I hope for you. If you have not read this book, it's okay, but if you want, you can get it here. (affiliate link) We have been blogging through this book together, chapter by chapter. (Links to other posts will be at the end of this one for you to read through if you want.)

The Final Chapters

Mike Glenn saved the best for last. In the last two chapters of this book, Mike explores who we are designed to be: the unique aspect of every individual and what that means to the body of Christ.

I was so excited to see that I am not alone in feeling like a bit of an oddball, I mean unique (different) person. I was made for a purpose, designed from the start, and God has not changed His mind just because I am different. He uses my differences to expose another aspect of Himself to the world.

"Like a little piece of glass in a stained-glass window, I reflect and refract light from God's glory in a way that nobody else can." Mike Glenn, The Gospel of Yes page 187

You are unique. You have been designed from the start. Life may have been unkind, you may have lost your way, or perhaps, you have always followed Christ, but just do not know where to go from here. All of these things are okay. Do you know why?

Because we have a promise from God that He will never forsake us, we can be confident that He will bring us to a good, acceptable, and even a perfect end.

I want to remind you, that while I may never know you, God knows you. He sees you where you are, He loves you more than anything, and He has plans for you.

Join the Conversation:

Has there ever been a moment in your life when you felt your differences were not a good thing? Can you share 1 way you see God changing that for you? Leave a comment below. (Just click on "Add Comment")

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* Angela's name has been changed out of respect for her privacy. The story is true. 

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