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The Procrastination Dance

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: The Procrastination Dance


The Procrastination Dance

Let the Whining Begin! 

I have so much to do. It is practically the same exact list I started out with when I began this week. You see, I have a very bad habit.

I procrastinate.

There are times when, in my head, I justify the waiting.

I don't feel good. (That excuse is always handy.)

I can get to it later. (It isn't going anywhere!)

I don't want to get stressed out right now, and ______ always makes me stressed out.

I need help. (This is a great one for when no one else is around!)

As a matter of fact I think I have used every single one of these tactics (IE. excuses) this week. Here it is Saturday, with a full day of ministry and services tomorrow, and I still have tons of stuff to do. My piles begin to turn into mountains and soon my life looks like this:

My desk as I write this.... do not judge

(That isn't dirt all over the keyboard tray, it is just very old and worn down particle board.) 

This is why I want to redo my room. So I can have a new desk, bright colors on the walls, and some organization. I do not know if this inspires you today to clean your own mess, but it inspires me to get busy! 

Enough excuses. Time to get on with the chores! 

I know, I know. That word is the most dreaded word in my house. It makes my kids cringe and my husband break out into a cold sweat. Chores are no fun, but they need doing. They have needed doing for a while. See? Pro-cras-tin-a-tion! 

I need to break up with procrastination. We have been dancing too long. I have put it off and put it off, but no more. I will clean. 

As soon as I post this, and take a nap. It is Saturday after all. 

Join the conversation: 

Do you tackle chores right away or do you tend to procrastinate? Do you have any hints to help get my act together? 

Share your comments below. 


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