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Book Announcement: The Purpose of Chosen

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: Book Announcement: The Purpose of Chosen


Book Announcement: The Purpose of Chosen

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It's Here, It's Here!

If  you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you have heard the news! My new book, The Purpose of Chosen is available on Amazon now! (The Kindle version anyway!) 

I have never been so excited and scared at the same time. Not even giving birth was this scary! Putting my work out on the internet for people to discover for "free" is one thing, but asking someone to put their money where my words are is another thing all together. 

Needless to say this is daunting

Still, I know that this is the next thing. I know God has called me to write. That is in part why it is so amazing to me: because on my own I am not enough. 

I am no Hemingway, and I am definitely no Joyce Meyer, but I am me. I can only share what God has laid on my heart and let Him give the increase. 

A Two Part Launch

The Kindle version of The Purpose of Chosen is ready for purchase right now! You can get it for only $3.99. The paperback version will be ready soon and that will be for $7.99. Get the Kindle version now for the lower price! 

If you get the book, will you consider writing a small review and posting it on This will help other potential readers to learn more about the book and make an decision to buy. 

Once there are enough preliminary reviews I will be holding a "launch day" and will be tweeting and posting all about it soon. Of course I want the official launch day to include the physical book, so I will have to wait until that is ready from the publishers. 

More Than Old Blog Posts

The title of this book may sound familiar to you if you have been following this blog for any length of time. The Purpose of Chosen started off as a series I did for the blog, but this book takes that series to a whole new level. New content, stories, and discussion questions for small groups makes this book worth the read. 

The Back Cover

Here is the blurb from the cover, and I hope it helps you decide to buy a copy
"What you believe about yourself affects every aspect of your life---often in ways you don’t even realize. You may be convinced that this is all there is, but there is more for you. You were made for more than a mundane life; you were made to live with purpose. You have been chosen, like David, for more than even you know.
In The Purpose of Chosen Dayna Bickham explores what “more” means. Examining the story of David and Goliath in a new and fresh way, Bickham begins to radically confront the things you have believed about yourself and builds you up to face any giant that may stand in your way.
When you discover who you were designed to be, you begin to see that life is not just a random stream of events, but opportunities for greatness. You begin to see that giants were made for slaying and you were made for victory."

Thank You! 

I know that in today's economy disposable income is not as abundant as it once was. That is just one reason I want to say thank you if you choose to purchase The Purpose of Chosen. This is a big step for me as a writer and minister of the gospel. Your opinion does matter. Your friendship, prayers, encouragement and partnership in this community has sustained me and spurred me to do my best. 

I have not always lived up to "best", but for some reason you kept coming back anyway and I have to say thanks! 

For those of you subscribed to our newsletter, you will be getting a special e-mail from me concerning the book. My way of thanking my most loyal followers... 

I hope you will pray for me and for the people who will read this book. My desire is that they would be ministered to in the most personal of ways and truly grasp what it means to be chosen with purpose. 

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