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No More Lies: Part 8: "I'm a Nobody"

A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: No More Lies: Part 8: "I'm a Nobody"


No More Lies: Part 8: "I'm a Nobody"

The Life of a Creative

You may have noticed I have written a book. This undertaking was a big deal for me. Nerve racking only begins to cover the whole process. If you are creative, you may understand what this is like. The moments before you "ship" your creation are exciting. 

The anticipation builds and the nerves do too. Then there is the moment you "reveal" your great work to the world. Will people "get" it? Will people "get" you? 

Then, you begin to doubt. You doubt yourself, your ability, your calling, and your talent. That no-man's land between shipping your work and people consuming (buying) your work wreaks havoc on your confidence. 

In comes lie #8: "I'm no one special, so who would listen/read/watch me?" 

Counteracting the Lie

This lie is hideous. If we believe it, creative person or not, then we run the risk of denying our value. The value of any one thing (or person) is not in what someone charges for it, but in what someone is willing to pay for it. God paid the ultimate price. He laid all of creation, the very universe, on the line and gave his only son (John 3:16) to save us. Our value was that high. 

So I must believe I am who God says I am.  
  • Luke 4:18 says I am called to preach, lay hands on the sick, and set the captive free
  • Matthew 21:21 says I will be able to do what Christ did and more

O Wretched Worm That I Am... 

There is a part of me that remembers that verse in Matthew 19 that says "there is none good but God" and I am immediately down on myself again. But, and this is something we would do well to remember, the enemy knows the Bible too. He will always lie with a bit of the truth mixed in. 

Tricky little demon. 

The whole passage is about God being holy and our lack of goodness to meet him unless we give up ourselves and follow Jesus. 

When I know this I can become free from the lie "I am not valuable".

The thing that gives me value was the price God paid (his son's sacrifice) and the Holy Spirit living on the inside of me. 

The same Spirit that hovered over the face of the earth to create (Genesis 1:2) now lives on the inside of me. Creating newness and inspiring me to create too. He is the One who brings life (1 Peter 3:18 and John 16: 12-14) and He is the One who calls to the deepest parts of me.(1 Corinthians 2:10) He knows me like no one else. He sees enough value in me to choose me to dwell in. (1 Corinthians 6:19)

My Prayer

Father, forgive me for believing a lie. Help me become rooted and grounded in your truth. I am special, because I am yours. You are my Father, I am your child. You have called me out of darkness and into the light. Let your light shine on all the ugly parts of me that cling to the darkness: the lies that keep me held back from fully experiencing the life you called me to. Father I believe, now help my unbelief. Strengthen me and make me sure of you. I place my trust in you. In Jesus Name, the name above all names, in whom we have VICTORY this very day, Amen. 

Join the Conversation

Have you ever struggled with a lie about your own personal value to people or to God? 

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