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A Year in the Spiritual Life... Discover Your Purpose: TOP 10 THINGS I AM THANKFUL FOR THIS YEAR



Yeah, I am "borrowing" the Top 10 from a popular late night show on Television, but I have to say this week it is worth it. I hope you enjoy your holiday and for those of you that take advantage of the Black Friday deals, be safe and have fun! 


I am thankful for another book review of The Purpose of Chosen. It is nice when other people like your work. The launch is going slowly, but I wrote a book! How can I not be grateful for that? 


I am thankful for tow truck drivers who do not try and run me over. This was in fact, in question yesterday and that whole story will be for another post for another day. Suffice to say that it was traumatic and I am still recovering 


I am thankful for budgets. I can hear some of you groaning right now, but for the majority of my married life we did not live with one and we were miserable with money and over money way more than we should have been. Now when my husband and I work out a budget for the next two months together I have peace about knowing what I cannot plan, spend, and or do because it really tells me what I CAN plan, spend and do. The freedom of this simple act and the discipline to follow it is one of the most freeing experiences of my life and it has happened this year. This Christmas season will not be about stress, but about "bless"ing others. Thank you Lord! 


I am thankful for my home. We are renters. In this economy that may seem crazy, but owning a home (in this tax climate in the US) may be more crazy for some than renting. Regardless of how you may feel about renting versus owning, this will be our second Thanksgiving here and our third Christmas and I am loving how at home we truly feel here. The house is in a great neighborhood on a cul-de-sac, and minutes from my kid's school. The rent is extremely cheap as well, so Thank YOU Lord for your favor! 


I am thankful for my blog. This year I started this blog. It began in January and it was something I did to obey God. Less than 30% of bloggers actually stick to blogging more than three months, so I feel honored and a little proud (the good satisfied-with-my-work-ethic kind of pride) of myself. Through this blog I have met incredible people, gained friends from every walk of life imaginable and written a book like I always dreamed of doing. By obeying God in a "little" thing back in January, I have had a year of blessings beyond my wildest imaginations. 


I am thankful for you. You are in fact one of my top five things! I cannot type another word without thanking my Father for you. You have read my blog, encouraged me, challenged me, prayed for me, and laughed and cried with me. You are a benefit of my obedience to God. The impact you have had on me and the other readers of this blog can only be fully measured when we receive our great reward. Thank you for being a part of my life and my ministry. 


I am thankful for my church. Now, no church is perfect. If it was, it would be spoiled the minute we showed up, right? But my church family is kind, welcoming, open and giving. It is an honor to attend there, worship there, laugh there, volunteer there and grow there. My pastor is a great communicator with a huge heart for people, a great wife and kids and a decent sense of humor. The staff is down to earth and I never feel out of place. It has become HOME too and I am so glad my Father has planted us there. 


I am thankful for my kids. Sarah (16) and Connie-Lyn (14) are the biggest challenge/blessing that I have ever received. Talk about a mixed bag! One minute I want to pull their hair out and the next I am laughing, loving, and learning with them what it means to be a parent, friend, teacher, mentor, instructor, policeman, authoritarian, and tons of other things that make my head want to explode! No one save the Holy Ghost can strip me so bare as my children. They expose me for the lack luster parent I am on a regular basis and make me hit my knees in prayer more than any other single issue in my life. Because of them I have grown as a person and my life has been so richly blessed. They fill my heart with love and gratitude in equal measure. 


I am thankful for my husband Randy Bickham! When I met the man I have spent the last 18 and 1/2 years with, I thought he was a bit dorky. Truth be told, he was. But he is the most loyal, forgiving, gracious and giving man I know. My exact opposite in so many ways he balances me. God gave me a miracle when He brought me Randy. Someone who loves me,  leads me, challenges me, and corrects me, my husband is a wonderful friend, lover, provider and father. My life would be unimaginable without him, and I thank Daddy-God for the perfect fit of a mate for me. 


My Father. God is so good. His mercy is new every morning. His love never fails. He provides food to eat, shelter to sleep, seed to sow, and increase to grow. I am thankful for His love, His kindness, His faithfulness and His grace. I have messed up so many times and in so many ways and my Lord still loves, still forgives and still sings over me. Without God, nothing is possible, but with Him all things are possible. He is amazing. 
I could go on and on. I could fill volumes of books extolling His goodness. Maybe another day.... 

Enjoy your holiday, and be blessed as you are a blessing. Count it all joy and claim your Victory in Christ today! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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